About LMI-Vet, LLC

Novel intravenous solution and other Dexsome™ based products for veterinary medicine

LMI-Vet, LLC is a privately-owned, semi-virtual biomedical company with exclusive veterinary rights to Lifeblood Medical, Inc’s patented oxygen-carrying, cyto-protective fluid containing dextran and liposomes.  Based on this technology, LMI-Vet, LLC has developed Dexsome 510 for use as a veterinary intravenous fluid replacement, scheduled to enter the veterinary market in 2016.

LMI-Vet, LLC has been working with veterinarians, scientists, and consultants to ensure Dexsome 510 and other products meet the demands of the veterinary profession and regulatory requirements of FDAs’ Center for Veterinary Medicine.  Expenditures to date have remained minimal by outsourcing many functions including GMP manufacturing to meet FDA compliance.  As such, our overhead has remained in check to permit the cost effective development of our Dexsome technology.


ManagementIndustry Advisors


Joseph Fischer – Mr. Fischer is a 40 year manufacturing/operations veteran with extensive experience in Technology Transfer and Product Commercialization.

Dennis Dolan – Mr. Dolan has spent 35 years as a Certified Public Account and has been a CFO position in startup and established companies for the last ten years


LMI-Vet, LLC has relationships with various veterinary clinical and industry experts to help guide the development and commercialization of our Dexsome based technologies, including Dexsome 510 intravneous solution.  In addition, our collaborators are also assisting in regulatory guidance concerning the use of Dexsome 510 as a large volume parenteral.

Craig Woods

Craig Woods DVM, MS, MBA

Dr. Woods is a licensed veterinarian with over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, working in business development, technical services, regulatory affairs, due diligence, and the research, development and commercialization of new technologies.  He has founded his own biomedical companies and assisted clients in US, Mexico, and Australia in establishing their own US operations.

Dr. Woods obtained his BS (Biology), DVM, and MS (Veterinary Anatomy) from the University of Missouri, and his MBA (logistics) from Arizona State University.  He has published original research in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, Toxicon, and Journal of Rheumatology.  He is currently the Director of the Institute for Healthcare Innovation at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ.